An immunomagnetic hypothermia treatment to eradicate blood-born cancer cells.

Magno-Praxis not only tags and monitors CTCs in the body, a nano-magnetic compound attaches to the cells for eradication. The Magno-Praxis test can capture individual cancer cells that are within 2-30 microns in size. The problem with relying on current imaging systems is that they can only detect tumors of 1mm or greater in size. Ideally Magno-Praxis is used for patients with metastatic (advanced stage) cancers.

The Magno-Praxis therapy is used in conjunction with additional cancer treatments and empowers medical professionals to make decisions that have the best medical outcome for patients.

IV Diagnostics has applied for a Utility patent that is currently in final review.


captures CTC cells
2-30 microns in size

"I believe there is a great need for earlier detection and monitoring of patient's circulating tumor cells. The cancer assays from IVDiagnostics have that potential. CLIA laboratories can utilize the Velox product and better serve oncologists with vital and more precise diagnostic data for their patients."