An innovative medical device that monitors circulating tumor cells in real-time.

Admonitrix not only tags and monitors circulating tumor cells (CTC) inside a patient’s blood, it optically scans and quantifies CTCs in real time. Admonitrix can be performed in approximately 40 minutes then making the results available to the physician. Admonitrix gives the physician an estimate of the total number of CTCs within 95% accuracy.

Admonitrix is a diagnostic and device combination product. The diagnostic uses a Cancer Assay that tags and monitors CTCs between 2-30 microns in size. The device includes: custom software, hardware, an external optical scanner probe, a multi-strand external fiber configuration, a photon-diode, an internal optical lens with a laser, and other basic components.

Ideally Admonitrix is used for patients with metastatic (advanced stage) cancers.

Admonitrix is used in conjunction with additional cancer treatments and empowers medical professionals to make decisions that have the best medical outcome for patients.

IV Diagnostics has a Provisional Patent on Admonitrix.


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“At Roger Williams we do a significant number of procedures to remove solid tumors. It would be most useful if we had a cancer assay that could monitor reduction or recurrence of circulating tumor cell; given the limitations of what can be observed with present day CT scans and imaging.”